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SQUATZ Fizz n Find Pirate Single Figure Pack

Item #: 238362
Our Price: $4.49


SQUATZ Fizz n Find Pirate Single Figure Pack

Fizz to Reveal a Pirate Hidden Inside - Collect all 3 Pirates!1 - Fizz It! - Instantly fizz and dissolve the tablet in warm water.2 - Discover! - The fizz will reveal your figure. 3 - Fun! - Swap heads and battle against other Squatz characters.SQUATZ have removable heads so you can do a SQUATZ-SWAP (swapping heads with other SQUATZ)! According to certified SQUATZOLOGISTS, there are 144 possible SQUATZ-SWAP combinations! Impressive, huh?Is there any way to find out which SQUATZ figure is inside the fizzing tablet? Not unless you have x-ray vision.2 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1 1/2"
Product Features:

Fizz your SQUATZ tablet to find out which pirate is inside!

First, remove the wrapper, then drop the tablet in warm water.

You never know which character you?ll get!

Collect all the cool SQUATZ figures so you can face off with the entire SQUATZ battle squad!

Swap heads with other SQUATZ figures for even more crazy SQUATZ fun!

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